Published On: Wed, Jan 25th, 2017

French supremo visits FARC rebels













The French President, Francois Hollande, in one of his last foreign trips before his stepping down as the top leader after the upcoming general elections in May, has reached embattled Latin American country Colombia. In his historic visit, inviting criticisms from the critics of the Colombian-FARC peace deal like former Colombian supremo Alvaro Uribe, he, along with his Colombian counterpart, Juan Manuel Santos, has visited the FARC rebel camps. France is one of the prime economic supporters of the EU’s funding to the peace process in Colombia. Nearly 20 per cent of the total amount given as the support funding is contributed by the French government. It is learned that the Colombian-FARC peace process is in progress. As per the latest report, nearly 350 UN representatives are working towards achieving the final goal, the peace. Even if the initial step towards the process- the referendum seeking the approval of the peace deal reached by the FARC and Colombian government- was not approved by the people, the authorities found another alternative in order to pass the peace accord. It is said that the disarmament process is a gradual process and it will take at least six months. As per the report, the authorities aim to implement the process within the prescribed time schedule. While speaking to the media, Santos asserts that French supremo’s visit to the country is of great importance and the fifth powerful nation of the world’s commitment towards the peace process is of great importance. Interestingly, Hollande is the first French supremo to visit this Latin American country in last thirty years. According to the media reports, he has also engaged in talks with the rebel leaders who were once considered as terrorists and anti-socials. At this moment, it is not clear how the global rightists react to the French supremo’s visit to the extreme leftist rebel’s camps.


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French supremo visits FARC rebels