Published On: Fri, May 5th, 2017

French TV debate: Macron makes a sensible appeal while Le Pen sticks on rightist agenda

When the most crucial campaign program before the French presidential election, the television debate, has ended, the political picture of the country has become more apparent. As it is expected, the centrist candidate, Emmanuel Macron, has dominated over his far-rightist rival, Marine Le Pen. During the discussion, the far-rightist candidate appealed for the protectionist status while the centrist, who is an economic expert, highlighted the need for global economic integration. The debate witnessed several provocative movements as Le Pen called her opponent the candidate of wild globalisation and Macron, in return, called her the high priestess of fear. It is to be noted that this time the standard of the election debate has been significantly eroded compared to the previous television debates. Over 16.5 million people have watched the debate live; the viewpoints of the two leaders have been widely quoted by the International media houses immediately after the debate. On the wake of the different political situation of France, the debate has gained more political significance than usual. Many have rightly reached a conclusion that the potential danger of the rightist arguments triggered by the far-rightist has been tactically defended by Macron using his progressive economic arguments. It is necessary that Macron, if elected, should implement his policies effectively. If he fails to do so, the far-rightist will again emerge in the next Presidential election with an increased power.


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French TV debate: Macron makes a sensible appeal while Le Pen sticks on rightist agenda