Published On: Sat, Jul 8th, 2017

G20: World powers struggle to reach consensus on the wordings of final summit communique

As the twelfth G20 is slowly approaching its conclusion, the world powers, it seems that, are struggling to reach a consensus on the wordings of the final communique, with the dominant European powers like Germany finding it difficult to find a common ground with the Trump’s Untied States in some prime subjects such as the economic policy and climate policy. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, while speaking to the media persons, has admitted the existence of a severe political crisis. Apart from some independent sideline meetings of world leaders such as the meeting between the US President, Donald Trump, and Russian President Vladimir Putin and the meeting between the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, and Chinese supremo Xi Jinping, the G20 summit hosted by Germany has not yielded any desired results until now. Observers say that the disappointment has been evident in the German Chancellor’s face when she has spoken to the media. Meanwhile, the protesters, who have been protesting since the commencement of the G20 summit against various issues such as the visit of Trump and Putin and the climate and economic issues, have created a situation akin to the civil war near the venue. In several instances, the protesters and police forces have confronted violently. As per the preliminary report, numerous police officials, civilians and protesters have been injured in the clashes. As per the latest report, the military forces have been invited to bring the situation under the authority’s control. There is an allegation that the German government is brutally suppressing the protest using all possible ways to make sure that the event is not obstructed without considering the fact that by doing so they are hurting their own people.

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G20: World powers struggle to reach consensus on the wordings of final summit communique