Published On: Wed, Jan 18th, 2017

Gambia declares emergency; Jammeh refuses to hand over power


A day before Gambian supremo Yahya Jammeh’s official mandate ends, the dictatorial President has tactically declared the state of emergency in order to prevent Adama Barrow, who won the general elections, from getting into the top position of the country. While speaking to the media personals, he announces that any act of disobedience and violence intended to hurt the country or disrupt the peace is punishable and banned under the state of emergency. He indirectly clarifies that he will not step down from the position until May in which the Supreme Court of the country is scheduled to hear the challenges regarding the election result.

Earlier, it was admitted by the election commission that some minute malpractices had occurred during the election. It also found that they were not potential enough to alter the outcome of the result. The supremo, who has been enjoying the power for at least last two decades, has wickedly utilised the election commission’s observation to challenge the unpleasant result, say experts. Meanwhile, some pro-government activists as well as President unanimously alleges that the foreign countries especially Senegal is interfering in the country’s personal affairs. Anyway, declaring that the Ecowas- the Economic Community of West African States- will not consider Jammeh as the Gambian supremo after the completion of his official period, the Ecowas has constituted a force under the leadership of Senegal and deployed near the Gambian border- the Ecowas authorities asset that the force will be only used as a last resort. It is learned that Jammeh has committed several human rights violations during his tenure as the supremo of one of the most sensitive African country.





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Gambia declares emergency; Jammeh refuses to hand over power