Published On: Sat, Jul 1st, 2017

German lawmakers pass new law to restrict the ‘Social Media’



Germany is all set to fight against hate speech, criminal material and fake news. German law makers have come hard on the prominent social media ‘Facebook’ to remove the contents that can be a hinderance to nations cause.  The new called the ‘Network Enforcement Act’ has been passed to ensure the social media is well under control. The one who breaks the nicknamed ‘Facebook law’ would have to pay a fine that ranges from 5 million Euro to 50 Million Euro.

The new law makes sure that social media companies remove the contents that has been notified by the government as illegal within 24 hours. Failing to which the company would be levied to pay the fine as mentioned.

Social media has become a platform for the millions to voice out their opinion around the world. But the growing political debate because of the social media has caused a lot of chaos in recent times. The Justice minister Heiko Mass was quoted as “ Freedom of expression ends where criminal law begins.” Germany has been known for their toughest law against hate speech.  To keep up their policies, it would go the level of restricting and warning the companies to act with them.

Meanwhile the ‘Facebook’ has come up with new tool to control the spread of fake news.  It uses the Pointer International Fact Checking Network so that users can flag fake news.

Azam Sait

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German lawmakers pass new law to restrict the ‘Social Media’