Published On: Fri, Oct 12th, 2018

German magazine sticks on to their report regarding the alleged rape attempt of Ronaldo


The German magazine has asserted that they had no reason to believe that the report published by them regarding the alleged rape attempt of Ronaldo was wrong. They have strongly denounced the allegation made by the lawyer of Ronaldo that the report was fabricated. They have claimed that they crosschecked all documents they procured from their sources in connection with the case and sought the opinion of a legal expert before publishing the report in their magazine.

Earlier, the Portuguese player’s lawyer alleged that the report was fabricated and supported by the documents leaked from a law farm during a great cyber hack happened in the year 2015.

Meanwhile, the magazine has pointed out that the player and his lawyers were given enough opportunities to defend their stand and bring out documents or other proofs to justify their stand. They have even alleged that the player’s lawyers never bothered to defend the player, but tried to threaten the media house with legal cases.

Ronaldo is the most prominent sportsman who has been fallen into the clutches of sexual allegation in the recent history of sports. There is less chance that the victim would move ahead with the complaint against the player. Whether she would move ahead with it or not, sportspersons must understand from this case that your excellence in sports is valueless if you engage in such activities which bring shame to you, your fans and the team or country or club you represent.

Sportspersons must understand the importance of sportsmanship and must apply not only in their sports but also in their life.



Vignesh. S. G

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German magazine sticks on to their report regarding the alleged rape attempt of Ronaldo