Published On: Fri, Mar 17th, 2017

German supremo to meet her US counterpart

Strengthened by the unexpected shot in the arm boosting the protectors of the European Union- Germany, Netherlands and French- as the Amsterdam voters have opted the existing order over the emerging order, the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, is set to make an extensive negotiation with the US President, Donald Trump, over the trade and defence. As both countries share opposite views and opinions in several sensitive issues that have jolted the world political podium recently, the upcoming meeting gains more relevance in the eyes of media as well as political observers. The transatlantic trade and NATO are the prime subjects before both countries. Along with these issues, the Russian aggression, North Korean provocation, Middle East peace process, Migrant crisis, US Muslim ban will also find space in the deliberation session. With the Netherlands election result, the triumph of the new world order has been checked and the pro-EU countries, politicians and political parties have gained a new energy. The political failure of the anti-immigrant party has given a clear message to the hardline rightists across the European continent. Anyway, the scheduled meeting between the advocate of the new order and the protector of the existing order is a historic moment. This negotiation will decide where is our world heading for and how efficiently these two advocates of two different orders can cut down differences and attain consensus over the key issues on which they have engaged in a word war recently.


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German supremo to meet her US counterpart