Published On: Tue, Jul 10th, 2018

Germany bans Pro-Turkish gang Osmanen Germania


The German government, which is not in a good relation with its Arab neighbour Turkey at present, has banned a pro-Turkish boxer gang Osmanen Germania operate in its territory, citing that the members of the group are involved in serious crimes including attempted murder, drug-trafficking, human trafficking, sexual slavery and blackmail.

The group has at least three hundred members. As per a report, the preponderance of its members is the supporters of the Turkey’s present regime, which the German government considers as an autocratic regime which performs serious human rights violations.

While defending its decision to ban the group, a senior minister of the German government has asserted that his country would not allow the functioning of any group, which openly denounces the German laws and values, inside the country.

The Turkish government, which usually shows serious attention to the developments happening in the Europe particularly Germany, has not yet responded about the issue. Some observers have predicted that the Arab nation may respond in a very retaliatory manner.

Anyway, notably, minutes after the announcement of the ban, the authorities, according to an International media report, have raided the offices premises of the gang.


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Germany bans Pro-Turkish gang Osmanen Germania