Published On: Fri, Jun 15th, 2018

Germany: CSU openly expresses its disapproval against CDU leader Merkel’s open door policy


Exposing the fact that the Germany’s coalition government is highly susceptible to factional feud, power struggle and collapse, the Christian Social Union –a junior partner in the Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrat Union led government- has openly expressed its disapproval against the ruling government’s open door policy, which indirectly facilitates the continuing infiltration of migrants.

It is not the first time that the CSU has expressed disapproval against the Merkel’s policy. Previously, in several occasions, CSU leader Horst Seehofer has criticised the Merkel’s open border policy.

This time, the things are a bit different. It seems that the CSU lawmakers are all unanimously backing the opinion of Mr Seehofer at present.

With Ms Merkel strengthening her position by ensuring the support of the lawmakers of her party, the political stage of Germany is all set for a disastrous play.

Though the junior partner CSU only have less than fifty members, the two-hundred plus member CDU definitely needs its support to maintain its majority in the country’s parliament.

At this moment, it is not clear what is the opinion of other coalition partners in the issue of the open door policy. Germany is one of the countries which have witnessed a rise in the strength of anti-establishment, anti-migration and anti-European Union forces in the recent past, particularly after the commencement of the increased migrant flow from the conflict hit region in Asia and Africa.

Can Germany reverse its open door policy?


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Germany: CSU openly expresses its disapproval against CDU leader Merkel’s open door policy