Published On: Tue, Jan 1st, 2019

Germany gives unusual New Year gift to intersex people


Germany has given its intersex population an unusual New Year gift. In Germany, intersex people will no longer be for forced to opt either male or female as their gender, as the government has introduced a new policy to allow intersex people to opt the third category where they actually belong to. Hereafter, in all official forms, there will be a category ‘diverse’ for those who do not belong to the two traditional gender category.

Anyway, as per the new rule, to be able to claim that category, the person who identifies himself as the third category, must submit the certificate of an experienced doctor saying that the person has the sexual character of man as well as woman.

Most gender activists have welcomed the move made by the Angela Markel led German government. Meanwhile, some have criticised the move. The critics have claimed that it would not be easy to obtain medical certificate for those who wish to use the provision if their condition is not recognised by the medical system of the country which still relies on the traditional graphs to access the condition.

Germany is not the first European country that has accomplished such an achievement. In the recent past, the European country of Austria has also adopted similar step. Globally, there are many countries that has either taken or are preparing to take similar steps; Australia, Malta, Canada, India and New Zealand are some of them.


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Germany gives unusual New Year gift to intersex people