Published On: Mon, Nov 20th, 2017

Germany meets political crisis as Merkel fails to form a coalition


Germany is slowly inching towards a serious political crisis, as Angela Merkel is losing all attempts to bring the small partners together.

Mrs Merkel, who is the leader of the block (that is the political bloc of CDU and CSU) which secured the highest number of seats in the latest German elections, recently held talks with the leaders of FDP and the Greens to discuss the possibilities of forming a coalition government.

Unfortunately, after four weeks of talks, the FDP has declined to join the coalition, saying there is no basis of trust between the coalition members.

As per the International media report, the ‘migrant family reunion program’ is one of the issues in which the members of the potential coalition had serious differences of opinion.

The Merkel’s faction, as per the report, strongly rejected the policy allowing the migrants to bring their family members to Germany from embattled Syria, as they fear that the move would help the far-rightist groups such as AfD gain more support in the country.

In 709 member parliament, the political bloc of CDU and CSU has nearly 246 seats; the SPD has 153 seats; the leftist has 69 seats; the ‘Greens’ has 67 seats; the FDP has 80 seats; the AfD has 94 seats.

Had the Greens and FDP supported the coalition, Mrs Merkel would have grabbed a decent majority of 393 seats to rule the country.

Now, with the SPD openly declaring its decision to stay out of the coalition, the German lady has no other choice than forming a minority government.


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Germany meets political crisis as Merkel fails to form a coalition