Published On: Fri, Nov 9th, 2018

Global fertility rates declining


It is high time to deal with the sensitive issue of declining global fertility rate. A latest survey has invited the attention of the society into that serious matter.

A latest survey has found that the fertility rate of the world has been steadily declining since the year 1950. As per the survey, the developed regions such as the Europe and the US are more affected than the developing and under-developed regions.

The study has indentified that the average fertility rate of woman was over 4 in the year 1950. The same study has revealed that the rate has come down to less than 2.4 now.


According to the study, greater access to contraception, fewer death rates, and more facilities for education and to access jobs for women are the prime reason for the decline in the fertility rate in the world.

Actually, no negative implications, like the declining fertility rate, have been expected from any one of the aforesaid ones. Those are considered as positive developments, still.

Some scientists have shared their fear that as per this trend once the developing and under-developing countries move closer towards the developed their fertility rates might shrink.

Though migration can provide a interim relief to the developed countries with lower fertility rate, unless and until they creates an feasible formula to increase their birth rate, no long-term benefit on this front can be obtained.


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Global fertility rates declining