Published On: Sat, Apr 22nd, 2017

Goodwin: a tale of growth and success



18051748_1661617614133978_1137014070_nIn the end, only good wins. It is a universal truth. When this truth is heard in the form of a brand name, there is not a small point of doubt that what the brand is trying to convey. It is apparent that here the businessmen who use this brand name, Goodwin, have something to say. But, as their life is business, the businessmen have taken a different way to convey the message. For many, it is not convincing explanation that the businessmen choose their business to convey the message. But, for those two brothers, it is.

Sunikumar A M and Sudheesh Kumar AM are two successful businessmen; moreover, they are two lovely brothers. Unlike Ambani brothers, they choose to live the same dream.

The Goodwin is a well know jewellery wholesale, manufacturing and retail showroom brand. It has nearly 10 showrooms across the country. Apart from the jewellery business, it has business in the security systems segment and developer segments. The company has nearly one lakh clients or customers. The company employs over 800 people. It is a unique feature of this company that it pays adequate attention to give continuous training to their employees in order to enable them to work harmoniously with the vision and objective of the organisation.

The organisation has been gifted with a powerful management. They do not see hurdles which come across the business as a big deal. Moreover, they are confident enough to overcome any kind of hurdle. Noteworthy, they consider it as a medicine enabling their brain to work smarter.

Investing in the security installation sector is one of the biggest diversification experiments they have successfully executed. Only a visionary can identify the potential of a sector which evidently had only feeble potential when the company planned to invest in it.18073436_1661617554133984_2099247756_n

But, over the years, the potential of the security system sector has rapidly increased as the threats to life and assets have also ascended rampantly. In the new era, even common people have started purchasing security equipment. It is learned that the security systems segment shows a steady and exponential growth of 60% in India. As per the report, the company determines to make this service more accessible to the common people. It is a notable fact that the advanced security systems claims Japanese and German technology and are imported from Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Korea and et al. The service offered by the company comes along with a year’s replacement warranty from National Insurance Company.

_MG_9178Even though the security installation business is a kind of service, the group is also keen to lend their helping hand to needy. The brothers share a philanthropic mind. They have constituted a charitable trust, named the Goodwin Charitable Trust, in an effort to carry out their charity activities.

Even though they are standing at the peak of success, the Goodwin’s directors believe family is the core of everything. These two successful brothers offer a different story of success in which every aspiring businessman has something to learn from.









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Goodwin: a tale of growth and success