Published On: Wed, Aug 9th, 2017

Google fires James Damore over anti diversity memo

sundar-google-re-L1A memo on ‘Gender Stereotypes’  has forced Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google of sack its employee James Damore on Monday. The memo stated shared internally by the male Google Engineer stated how gender equality has been unfair and divisive. He puts forward that men and women though can be treated equally, both their traits differ. According to him, men play the tech and leadership roles better than women. He goes on to ratter how coding is only for men and not women.

Though it catered to mixed reaction, the company decided to fire the employee as it went against the companies rule of conduct. Google has always tried to maintain a equality between the genders and treat them as human rather as men and women. But this memo triggered Google to take necessary actions and make sure equality prevailed. This comes as a huge setback to people who complained of the no discrimination policy.

Azam Sait

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Google fires James Damore over anti diversity memo