Published On: Sat, Jun 2nd, 2018

Google to break its ties with Project Maven


The US tech giant Google is less likely to renew its ties with the United States military force for its ambitious artificial intelligence project, named the ‘Project Maven’.

Though the company has not made any official statement about its decision to break its ties with the exceptional project, the top officials of the company’s administration has reportedly informed their employees that the company would drop its contract with Pentagon when it expires in next March.

The strong objection that the company had to face from its employees was the reason why the company took the hard decision to drop the ties. The company and the military would have attained several significant gains, had they decided to continue the multi-million dollar deal.

Several senior employees of the teach giant recently resigned in protest against the company’s relation with the military. They believed that the ongoing ‘Project Maven’ was the first step towards using the AI for lethal purpose.

Apart from that, nearly four thousand employees of the firm in the recent past submitted a letter seeking the cancellation of the contact between the company and the army. There justification was that the company’s relation with the military made it less trustworthy among the common people.


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Google to break its ties with Project Maven