Published On: Wed, Oct 11th, 2017

Greece parliament passes new law permitting people to change gender


Taking a progressive approach to the sensitive subject of gender change, the Greece parliament, which is dominated by the leftists, has passed the controversial law permitting those people who are over the age of fifteen to change their gender in the official records without the necessary medical documents.

When the controversial subject has been introduced in the parliament, the Greece supremo, Alexis Tsipras, has requested the support of all legislators.

Of the three hundred members, nearly one hundred and seventy-one voters have supported the bill introduced by the leftist faction.

Several LGBT activists have expressed satisfaction in the progressive approach taken by the Tsipras government.

Meanwhile, a small number of the LGBT activists have also expressed concerns over the government’s inability to bring “full self-determination”.

The conservative section of the parliament has strongly denounced the move, which empowers the teenagers to take such a huge decision on their gender. As it has been expected, the church has questioned the morality of such a move, by calling it immoral and irrational. Both the conservatives and the church have urged the Greece government to revoke the bill.

Can the historical bill on the gender change issue empower the LGBT community of the country?



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Greece parliament passes new law permitting people to change gender