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Green mangoes                                               – 4 nos

Sugar                                                                 – 60 grams

Lemon juice                                                    – 2 lemons

Salt                                                                    – 1 pinch

Water                                                                – 1 cup

crushed ice                                                       – to serve


*Remove the skin and seeds.Chop them into small pieces

*Add a glass of water to this with the sugar.Boil this on medium heat and stir to mix till the sugar has completly dissolved. Set aside to cool.

*Blend this in a mixie and add the lemon juice and salt.

* Check the taste and thickness of the juice.If more sugar is needed you may add  a few spoon fuls of  to suit your taste.

*Take tall glasses and fill one third of it with crushed ice and pour this juice over it.

N.B.The colour of this juice would be light green but if you wish to give it a darker shade a few drops of green food colour can be added.


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