Published On: Mon, Jun 4th, 2018

Guatemala Volcano Explosion: around 25 killed


The latest Guatemala volcano explosion -the most disastrous explosion the country has suffered since the year 1974- has taken at least twenty-five lives.

The death toll is likely to rise in the coming hours, as the national disaster management team is slowly covering the affected regions. Though the team has entered into action at the right time, the continuing attack of the volcano ashes have made it difficult for the team to access all regions which has been affected by the eruption.

The country leader, President Jimmy Morales, has declared three day of national mourning due to the occurrence of the disaster.

As per a latest report, hundreds of people have been injured in the attack. The report says that the rescue team has succeeded in helping many affected persons.

Anyway, those living in the vulnerable regions are asked to stay vigilant and take adequate steps to make sure that the warning messages and information reach properly.

The unfortunate fact is that the women and children constitute almost half of those killed and injured in the disaster. As per a media report, there are several children among those confirmed dead.

It is high time for an International intervention. This small country has many limitations.


Vignesh. S. G

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Guatemala Volcano Explosion: around 25 killed