Published On: Fri, Feb 24th, 2017

Guatemalan army restricts ‘Women on Waves’ from performing ‘Free Abortion Service’








As the abortion is illegal in the majority of the Latin American countries, Guatemala, a Latin American country, has restricted the ‘Women on Waves’, the Netherlands-based non-profitable organisation which offers ‘Free Abortion Service’ across the globe, from delivering their service to the Guatemalan women. The ‘Women on Waves’ working pattern is that they will take the women on to the International water and perform the service. So, legally, the service offered by the organisation cannot be challenged as they are not breaking any rules of any country on their soil.    In order to restrict the organisation from performing the service, the army is not letting anyone in getting into the boat or allowing the activists to enter the country. They assert that by doing so they are protecting the law of the land and life of the people. Meanwhile, the organisation claims that they have all permission to stay in the water and the Guatemalan army cannot restrict them. Its service is being illegally obstructed, it alleges. Interestingly, a lawmaker, while speaking about the boat in a Congress session in the Latin American country, has called the Dutch organisation’s boat as ‘the boat of death’. As per the study report, every year nearly sixty thousand illegal abortions are happened in the country despite the existence of strong anti-abortion laws in the Roman Catholic-dominated nation. Anyway, the ‘Women on Waves’ is likely to stay in the country for the next five days.


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Guatemalan army restricts ‘Women on Waves’ from performing ‘Free Abortion Service’