Published On: Fri, Nov 16th, 2018

Gyan Mudra sharpens memory


Yoga is the most popular ancient practice practiced across the world at this juncture of time. Now, it has many adherent followers around the world. The pace by which this practice has gained popularity has actually stunned many, even those have been following it for years.

Yoga is not only about those tough posters seen in the pictures and videos circulated widely in the social media and other platforms that circulate information about this practice, but also there are several other easy-to-do practices in this ancient practice.

One of those practices, which is less tough and more effective than the common yoga posters, is Yoga Mudra. It is one of the less explored areas of this ancient treasure.

Gyan Mudra is one of the most popular Mudras practised by Yogis. It can be formed by joining your thumb, which represents fire (or divine consciousness), and your forefinger, which represents air (or inner consciousness), as shown in the picture published along with the story.

As per some widely popular articles published in the online platforms deals with Yoga and health, this Mudra helps increase memory power and mental abilities. According to those stories, this can be practised at anywhere at any time.

Please note: modern science does not recognise this ancient practice, as far as it is known to this writer.



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Gyan Mudra sharpens memory