Published On: Fri, Nov 2nd, 2018

Hacker sells FB private messages


An International media house has found that the private messages of over 120 million Facebook accounts are available for those interested to buy.

The International media’s Russian unit has claimed that they have personally contacted the seller and confirmed the availability of the data.

The seller has already publicised nearly 81,000 Facebook accounts as a sample. The investigative journalists of the media has verified all the publicised accounts and found that all of them are original.

Meanwhile, Facebook has asserted that no hack has happened in their platform. The company has blamed some malicious browsers available in the market for the possible hack. The company has said that they have requested all law enforcement agencies to diffuse all malicious browsers.

A private investigating agency employed by the media to investigate the hack has confirmed the hack and found that the majority of accounts hacked were of Russians and Ukrainians. As per their findings, the accounts of those living in the other part of the world including the UK and US are least affected.

The unfortunate fact is that there is no clue why is behind the hack. The International media who has exposed the crime has also failed to give any helpful information about the hacker.

The big question is: how secure our social media conversations are?



Vignesh. S. G

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Hacker sells FB private messages