Published On: Wed, Feb 8th, 2017

Haiti appoints new supremo



Following a brief political uncertainty, one of the poorest countries in Latin America, Haiti, has appointed Jovenel Moise as the successor of Michel Martelly. Moise was strongly backed by Martelly in his tough presidential race. Both of them belong to the centre-right party, the Haitian Bald Head Party. Immediately after Martelly stepped down as the supremo, Moise was elected as the new supremo in the October 2015 elections. But, that election outcome was cancelled as the opposition alleged that fraud had been committed during the election. As a result of that, a new election had taken place recently. And, in that election, again, Moise secured upper hand over his opponent, Jude Celestin, by grabbing nearly fifty-five per cent votes.

Even though this time also the opponents have alleged that some fraud practices had been committed during the second election, the authorities, as well as the citizens, do not pay any heed. The authorities have organised a colourful ceremony to make the oath taking ceremony more memorable. Several political leaders and other respected figures belonging to the different strata of the society have attended the ceremony. It seems that in coming days the national is likely to witness more serious discussions and debates about the controversial election system. Anyway, for last few years, the country has been going through some serious crises like series of natural disasters and economic crises. However, it is true that the new supremo has to articulate more serious policies to lift the country from this pit of crisis. It might not be as easy as the election victory, says expert.





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Haiti appoints new supremo