Published On: Fri, May 4th, 2018

Hawaii’s Mount Kilauea volcano erupted; over one thousand evacuated


As many as one thousand and seven hundred people have been evacuated from a residential area located in Hawaii whose Mount Kilauea has unexpectedly erupted violently releasing a large amount of lava.

The state authorities of the US state has announced a state of emergency in the region to make sure that the rescue operations and evacuation operations are done timely and properly with enough care, sincerity and dedication.

Many of the residents have found shelters in their friend’s or relative’s homes. The local authorities have also opened several community centres for those who experience difficulty in finding safe shelters.

The rescue operators have reported that a high amount of dangerous sulphur dioxide gas has been detected in the region where the eruption of volcano has happened.

The local residents have informed the International media representatives that they have experienced the intensity of the disaster.

Hawaii is actually a volcanic archipelago. The volcanic eruptions are not now to the residents of this Central Pacific Island.

But, it is the first time such a high intensity volcanic eruption has happened in the residential area of the Island.

There are allegations that in the initial stage the authorities showed no enthusiasm to carry out the evacuation operation as it was less aware about the intensity of the eruption.

Most of those voluntarily left the region in the initial stage of the eruption have come to know about the disaster through the social media platforms.


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Hawaii’s Mount Kilauea volcano erupted; over one thousand evacuated