Published On: Tue, Dec 27th, 2016

Historic moment: Japanese PM set to visit Pearl Harbour

shinzo-abeIn what could be considered as a historic moment, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is likely to visit Pearl Harbour, where the Japanese forces had launched a powerful air strike killing nearly 2300 serviceman during the World War Two. It is learned that the Japanese PM may not issue any apology in his historic visit to the war spot. As per the report, the US President, Barak Obama, will also accompany him to the spot. In the latest report updated in the International media, they publicized that both leaders will pray for the dead.

Earlier, the Japanese supremo has visited the National Memorial Cemetery, a memorial of those people who died during the war. Abe’s visit comes nearly three weeks after the Seventy-Fifth anniversary of the infamous attack. Earlier, this year, Obama made a historical visit to Hiroshima, where nearly one and half lakh people were brutally killed following the US nuclear attack.

History reads that the Japanese forces’ unexpected attack on Pearl Harbour prompted the US forces to enter the deadly World War Two and later forced it to use the fatal nuclear bomb on Japan. Anyway, the Obama’s administration has gifted a massive strength to the foreign relations addressing serious foreign issues, like US-Cuba relation and living war wounds issues, effectively. At this moment, it is not very clear whether the new US President, who is set to be inducted in January, will carry forward the friendly foreign policies initiated by the Obama’s administration.



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Historic moment: Japanese PM set to visit Pearl Harbour