Published On: Tue, May 29th, 2018

Hungary set to introduce ‘Stop Soros Act’


The European country of Hungary, which is ruled by a Eurosceptic leader Viktor Orban, is set to introduce an unusual law named the ‘Stop Soros Act’.

The act is originally named after one of the richest philanthropists of the country George Soros.

The critics of the philanthropist believe that the philanthropist plays a vital role in the increase of the infiltration of migrants into Hungary.

The law aims to ensure that those helping the migrants in finding shelters and other services inside the nation and in evading the border security forces are properly punished to discourage the migrant infiltration into Hungary and decrease the rate of infiltration.

The law is expected to contradict the European Union directive that each EU member country should take in as much as migrants suggested by the union.

However, the bill seeking the introduction of the act is less likely to suffer any objection from the Hungarian parliament as the Fidesz party, the right-wing party which the country’s leader leads, has a two-third majority in the parliament.

No pro-European Union nations have commented on the issue yet. Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic are likely to support the move introduced by the Hungarian right wing government.


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Hungary set to introduce ‘Stop Soros Act’