Ima batters Cuba


The horrific ‘Hurricane Ima’, which has been demonstrating its mightiness in the Caribbean region for the last few days, has reached Cuba, gifting strong winds and heavy rain to the country.

This hurricane, as per the report, falls under the category five mark; those Hurricanes fall under this mark is regarded as the most dangerous hurricanes.
It is learned that the hurricane which has contributed devastation in those Caribbean islands in which it has been experienced is likely to affect Cuba adversely.
As per the preliminary report, over twenty people have been killed and several others missing due to the heavy rain, landfall, flood, and wind contributed by the terrible hurricane across the Caribbean region.
It is not clear whether the small communist country of the North American region, which has never experienced such a hurricane in the near history, is prepared to face the hurricane or not.
Anyway, in the coming hours, the hurricane is likely to put a standstill to the transportation, electricity, and communication in the country.
However, the US state of Florida, where the hurricane is likely to reach on Sunday, is totally prepared to face the hurricane.
The international media houses reported that over twenty-five of Florida’s population who are living in the vulnerable areas have been either evacuated or directed to relocate to safer places.
It is said that the unprecedented climate fluctuations are the reason for the steady growth in the intensity of such natural disasters.


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Ima batters Cuba