Published On: Tue, Dec 20th, 2016

IMF chief convicted over fund misuse

Giving a strong message to the political personalities of the country, a French court has convicted the International Monetary Fund Chief, Christine Lagarde, in the negligence case. The incident that led to the case happened when Lagarde was serving as the finance minister of France. Interestingly, she was not there in the court when the court given the historical verdict against the political leader. Noteworthy, even after the court declared an unfavourable verdict, the IMF and France government expressed complete confidence in the leader. The historic verdict was delivered by the Court of Justice of the Republic. The verdicts announced by this court could not be retained unless a solid procedural evidence is pointed out by the conserved authorities or defence attorney. The IMF supremo is not likely to approach any higher court even though her lawyer claims that he will approach the higher court. As per the report, several political agencies and political personalities have strongly criticised the verdict.It is learned that even though the court has declared the IMF chief is tainted, it has not pronounce any verdict. The verdict may evoke serious discussions in the social media platforms. Earlier also, the court had given similar verdict. In coming days, the issue is expected to create serious crisis.


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IMF chief convicted over fund misuse