Published On: Tue, Jul 18th, 2017

Individuals associated with Europe wide horsemeat scam arrested.



Spanish police known as Guardia Civil in a joint action with Europol, arrested 65 individuals in association with the Europe wide horsemeat scaBurki-horse-meat-13022012m. The continent wide gang used to trade in horsemeat that were labelled as “in bad shape, too old or labelled as not suitable for consumption,” as per the reports by Europol. The arrested individuals have been charged with various criminal accusations that include animal abuse, blindfolding the justice, document forgery, messing around with public health, money laundering and being part of a labelled criminal organisation that is part of a scam chain.

The main accused Dutch citizen, controls the actions in Spainish Slaughterhouse. He was also identified as the ring leader of an operation investigated in 20
16. The horses unfit for human consumption were killed in two abattoirs in northern Spain and were then sent to Belgium after forging the paperworks. He is also said to have his most trusted men around the continent that help him with his illegal dealings.

According to a report around 10 out of 25 hamburger products contained horse DNA in it. Most of the products labelled as beef contained as much as 60% of the horsemeat in most of the packaged meat products around the continent.

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Individuals associated with Europe wide horsemeat scam arrested.