Published On: Sat, Oct 6th, 2018

Interpol chief Missing


Interpol Chief Meng Hongwei, who is originally from the communist country of China, has gone missing on his way to his state of birth.

A Hong Kong based newspaper has reported that the Chinese government have arrested the Interpol chief when he has reached a Chinese airport.

The Chinese authorities have not responded to the reports that put their government responsible for the reported missing.

Experts say that there are justifiable reasons to believe the involvement of the Chinese government in the reported missing incident. They claim that the Communist Country usually launches secret operations such as arrest operation against the top officials who are closely associated with the western world.

The France police have however initiated a detailed investigation into the issue. They have provided security assistance to the close relatives of the missing Interpol chief.

Notably, the newspaper which has proposed an arrest theory citing a source inside the Chinese government has also failed to explain why such an action has been taken by the Communist Country against such a reputed person who has a significant global reputation and position.

Earlier, when this Chinese leader was selected for the prestigious post of Interpol President, there were allegations that he would be used by the Chinese government to bring back their dissidents living outside the country into their land.

That allegation was proved baseless, not long after his induction, through his policies and approach towards the affairs of the global organisation committed to serve at least 126 countries in several investigative and search operations.


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Interpol chief Missing