Published On: Fri, Jun 30th, 2017

Iraqi troops capture Mosul Mosque, Marks an end to caliphate rule.



Iraqi troops on Thursday captured the Mosul Mosque which was the heart of Islamic State’s de facto capital Mosul. The warfare has been going in for past 8 months to put an end to Islamic states rule in Iraq and Syria. Iraqi authorities have claimed back majority of the land that was under the radical Islamic group and also expect that the end of the battle in coming days.

The Mosul Mosque, Constructed 850 years back, proclaimed the caliphate rule 3 years ago. IS leader Abu Bakr proclaimed himself to be the caliph or the leader on July 2014 from the Mosul Mosque’s pulpit. Also marking it as the capital of the radical Islamic group. In the wake of fear, the IS had self blown the mosque last week as the Iraqi troops along with the US army marched into the old city. The capture of mosque city puts an end to their rule in Iraq even though a few Militants are still hiding among the citizens. The ones who escaped the Militants trap had given the authorities an insight to the conditions and the depravation of the people who have been kept as hostages.

Almost 60 % of the militants in the old city are dead and the rest 40% are hiding among the civilians. But as compared to the number of civilians reported by the government authorities the number has surely gone down. Though IS leader Abu Bakr himself had left everything to his commanding troops and is hiding somewhere near the Iraq Syria border. The minimal number of militants is a positive sign to a region that has been under the pressure of militants and victims of radical warfare for no reason from a very long time.

Azam Sait

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Iraqi troops capture Mosul Mosque, Marks an end to caliphate rule.