Ireland gives ‘Emotional Welcome’ to ‘Magdalene Survivors’


“It was a prison”, says a survivor, who have reached Dublin to attend a reception organised by Ireland President Michael D Higgins for the Magdalene survivors. She is one of the many who was forced to work in the infamous Magdalene Laundries in Ireland. She wishes no other woman gets to undergo such a humiliating situation in life.

Magdalene Laundries were Catholic-run workhouses. Women and children constituted the majority of those forced to work in these institutions. Most of those forced into these workhouses had nowhere to go or no one to support them financially. They were never paid and were never granted adequate freedom.

The victim has claimed that those days the people never believed the account of the Magdalene survivors. She has recounted that the survivors were even often branded as liars. She has however expressed happiness in the way the things has turned out.

Several people have gathered in Dublin to welcome the survivors who have reached there to attend the function.

The Irish government has officially apologised to the survivors, admitting that it was due to the failure of the country that the innocent women had to undergo such humiliating situations.

Almost all survivors who has arrived Dublin to attend the event have shared similar accounts. It is an unfortunate fact that these institutions functioned freely in the country for several decades.

Fortunately, this hell is no more active at this moment. Who is the real culprit? Isn’t there many other exploitative institutions function freely across the world with a mark of impunity granted by the negative strength of blind belief?


Vignesh. S. G

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Ireland gives ‘Emotional Welcome’ to ‘Magdalene Survivors’