Published On: Wed, Nov 29th, 2017

Irish Deputy PM resigns


Hours before a motion of no confidence in the Irish Deputy Prime Minister Frances Fitzgerald is to be presented before the Ireland parliament by the Fianna Fail party, which supports the Fine Gael party-led minority government under certain conditions, she has resigned from the post, saying that she has done it for the sack of the nation.

The resignation has been demanded by the main opposition party, the Fianna Fail, citing her involvement in the infamous police whistleblower scandal.

Had she shown reluctance to resign from the post, it would have brought down the government, as the present Irish government which is led Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has no concrete majority in the parliament and is running the government with the conditional support of the prime opposition party, which, in this case, is standing against the deputy PM.

The resignation has been evaluated as a tactical approach to avoid the possibility of a snap election. It has been informed that if the country enters into such an election at this moment, it will put the country in a bad state in the European Union meeting, which is scheduled to take place next month.

Anyway, it has been confirmed that the PM has accepted the resignation letter sent by his Deputy PM.


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Irish Deputy PM resigns