Irish people likely to support referendum seeking abolition of ‘Anti-Abortion’ law


The people of the Republic of Ireland are likely to support the referendum seeking the abolition of the Eighth Amendment which stipulates that an unborn child has the same right to life as a pregnant woman.

Even though the final result of the referendum has not been released yet, the main anti-abortion campaigners have conceded their defeat already as the exit polls published by the media houses have clearly said that the pro-Abortion faction would definitely win the referendum with a huge majority of more than sixty-nine per cent vote share.

Meanwhile, the anti-abortion campaigners have asserted that they would continue with their protest and would not allow the opening of abortion clinics in the country.

In a sense, the victory of the pro-Abortion faction is the victory of the Republic of Ireland Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar; the Irish PM extended his complete support to the pro-Abortion faction during the campaigns and several times spoke in favour of the pro-Abortion campaigns.

Since the induction of Mr Varadkar, an Indian origin man, at the helm of the Ireland administration, the country has been witnessing several positive changes in the form of progressive policies.

The legalisation of abortion is expected to end several decades old debate on whether the abortion should be legalised in the Republic of Ireland or not.

At present, the abortion is only allowed in some limited cases such as the threat to pregnant woman’s life. And, the illegal abortion invites serious punishments including heavy fine and imprisonment.

Most Irish women travel abroad to undergo abortion, and it often puts huge financial burden over them.

At this moment, it is not clear how the new abortion law will be. There is clarity in one thing that no longer an unborn child’s life is considered as important as the life of a pregnant woman.


Vignesh. S. G

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Irish people likely to support referendum seeking abolition of ‘Anti-Abortion’ law