Published On: Sat, Mar 23rd, 2019

IS totally eliminated, declares SDF

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The Syrian Democratic Force (the Syria based fighter group supported by the United States of America) has declared proudly that the group has completely eliminated the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, which once controlled a large area of land in Iraq and Syria and amassed a huge fortune through illicit oil business, looting, plundering and many other similar crimes.

As a result of the effort taken by the west with the support of several regional fighter groups, mainly the Syrian Democratic Force, the Islamic State of Syrian and Iraq was pushed to its last stronghold Baghuz lately.

A video released through the social media platforms by the SDF shows how the SDF has celebrated its triumph over its arch rival ISIS. As per the video, the SDF has unfurled its flag over the last building controlled by the IS in Baghuz.

It is assumed that the fighting between the ISIS and the SDF started few days ago has culminated with the unfurling of the winner’s flag.

As per a latest report, the SDF has saved several civilians trapped in the region. The report says that all saved civilians have been admitted in the SDF controlled aid camps located close to the region.

The elimination of IS from Syria does not mean that the threat of this militant group is completely over. The group still has affiliates in Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Nigeria.


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IS totally eliminated, declares SDF