Published On: Thu, May 10th, 2018

Israel attacks Iran’s military installations in Syria


Indirectly conceding the fact that the possibilities for the emergence of a disastrous war in the Arabian region are increasing day by day, the Middle East country of Israel has attacked the military installations installed in the war affected country of Syria by the Jewish country’s arch rival, Iran.

Israel’s attack is believed to be in retaliation for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s attack against the Jewish country’s military installations in the Golan Heights.

As per a regional media report, Israel’s attack has inflicted serious injuries on Iranian weapon depots, intelligence centres, logistic sites located in the Syrian region.

The Iranian government has not yet responded about the incident. It has neither admitted that it has attacked the Israeli military installations in the Golan Heights nor conceded that its military installations in Syria have suffered retaliatory attacks from the Jewish country.

It is not the first time that the Israel forces and Iranian forces have engaged in a disastrous military confrontation in the war affected Syria.

Israel considers Iran’s growing presence in Syria as a serious threat to its security and existence. It is this Jewish country that played a vital role in convincing the US President, Donald Trump, to severe the Nuclear Agreement reached between the West and Iran.


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Israel attacks Iran’s military installations in Syria