Published On: Mon, Jan 23rd, 2017

Israel validates new settlements in East Jerusalem following Trump’s induction  



Putting the ‘two-state solution’ in tremendous trouble, infuriating the Palestine government and disrespecting the United Nations recommendations aiming a peaceful solution to the Israel-Palestine crisis, the Israel government gives validation to some settlements in the disputed zone in east of Jerusalem following the induction of Pro-Israel Republican leader Donald Trump as the supremo of the United States. Earlier, the Democrat member and former US President, Barak Obama, strongly opposed the expansion of the Jewish settlement in the disputed regions especially in Jerusalem, and he declined to oppose a UN resolution seeking a blanket ban on the expansion process carried out by the Israel in the disputed zone. It is learned that the induction of the new pro-Israel government in the US has given new strength to the embattled Israel government. While speaking to the media personals, the Israel representative has extensively expressed that happiness, saying their hands are no longer tied. It is said that the Israel supremo, Benjamin Netanyahu, and his US counterpart, Donald Trump, has had a warm phone conversation over the phone.

A source, aware of the Israel-US foreign policy developments, claims that they have discussed several serious issues including the Israel-Palestine peace process and Iran nuclear deal. Both leaders are expected to meet at Washington in order to make more detail deliberation over the sensitive issue, it added.  Anyway, the Palestine Supremo, Mahmoud Abbas, has strongly condemned Israel’s move to legalise the illegal construction in the disputed zone. However, the western powers as well as many world organisations, keenly working to achieve peace in the region, agree to the fact that the ‘two-state solution’ ensuring the peaceful life of ailing Palestinian people in West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem is the only feasible solution to the crisis in the region, and a unilateral solution is not possible in the Israel-Palestine issue.




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Israel validates new settlements in East Jerusalem following Trump’s induction