Published On: Thu, Jul 19th, 2018

It is official, Israel is a Jewish state


Finally, Israel has declared officially that it is a Jewish state. Given the path, in which the country which was formed as an after-effect of the Nazi’s cruel ethnic policies, has been moving since its creation, there is no surprise that Israel has decided to cease its existence as a secular nation for becoming an adherent Jewish nation.

The new policy has come into force, after the Israel parliament, which is dominated by the pro-Jewish members, has passed a controversial bill, which supports the creation of a complete Jewish state.

As per the new law, the Arabic is no longer the official language of the country, the process of advancing Jewish settlement is a national interest and the whole of Jerusalem is the capital city of the Jewish nation.

Many of the provisions in the new bill are evidently unappreciable for the Arab population, which constitutes nearly twenty per cent of the total population of the country.

Though the Arab lawmakers have managed to successfully erase several controversial provisions during the discussion session in the parliament over the bill, the supporters of the bill have successfully protected some of the key provisions, over which the Arab lawmakers have serious objection.

Is there any difference between ‘Nazi’ and ‘New Israel’?


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It is official, Israel is a Jewish state