Published On: Fri, Dec 29th, 2017

Italian supremo dissolves parliament


Paving the way for a general election in Italy, President Sergio Mattarella has dissolved the country’s parliament.

As per the report, the general election, which will decide the future of the financially instable country, would take place on 4 March, 2018.

The ruling party -the Democratic Party- at this moment is not in a good state; some policies taken by the party on migration and economic reform have backfired, helping the right-wing party –the Forza Italia- and the anti-establishment party –Five Star- to turn the confused electorate in their favour.

As per the latest opinion election surveys, the Five Star party, which is actually an anti-establishment movement formed to express disapproval against the ruling party’s migration and economic policy, is likely to gain more votes. The survey indicates that the ruling party may gain more number of votes than the Forza Italia, which is trying to create a huge extreme right wing platform by inviting all the right-wing parties to join them.

Anyway, it is forecasted that the Five Star Party will gain twenty-eight per cent vote share while the Democratic Party and the Forza Italia will get twenty-three per cent and sixteen per cent respectively.

In Italy, the migration from the African regions is one of the prime issues; if something is confusing the Italian people, it is this migrant issue.


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Italian supremo dissolves parliament