Published On: Wed, Jul 5th, 2017

Italy-Austria border tension escalates

The tension between Italy and Austria over the migration influx is rampantly escalating, with the Vienna government announcing its willingness to deploy a border force to contain the migrant influx along the Italy-Austria border region. The migration influx is a big problem in Europe. In the recent past, several European countries have strongly recommended the closure of the vulnerable border regions. Libya is situated close to the Italy. Making use of the disturbance in the Libyan region, the migrants often use this route to enter the European region. It is learned that there is a strong anti-migrant sentiment emerging in Italy. Brenner Pass is an open border between Austria and Italy. It is a mountainous region. It is said that by deploying border force in the region, the Austrian government is trying to curb the vulnerability of this border. If the Vienna government act in such a way, the action will badly challenge the open border policy rolled out by the European Union in which both these countries are members. Notably, Austria has been exercising a protectionist policy for several years. For that reason, the Austria-Hungary border and Austria-Slovenia border are not following the EU’s open border policy. According to the report, the Vienna’s move has already invited wide criticism. As per the report, the Italian authorities have summoned the Austrian ambassador and expressed their strong disagreement and protest over the move. However, it is not clear how will Austria justify their stand in the European Union if the Union questions it.


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Italy-Austria border tension escalates