Published On: Thu, Aug 16th, 2018

Italy declares State of Emergency in Liguria


The European country of Italy has declared a state of emergency in the Liguria region, where a bridge collapsed killing over thirty-nine people.

Over four hundred people, who live in and around the bridge, has been shifted to safe locations. Several rescue personals have been deployed to search for those who have been allegedly trapped underneath the collapsed bridge.

It is assumed that there is less chance of finding a person alive under the collapsed bridge in this juncture. Despite the fact that the chances are low to find those trapped alive, the rescue teams are working without break to do their best they could to help all trapped.

Meanwhile, the death toll is likely to rise in coming hours as the health condition of the preponderance of the injured people who have been placed under the medical care is worsening day by day.

At this moment, it is not clear how the bridge collapsed. Most of the locals criticise the maintainers of the bridge for the faith it confronted unexpectedly.

Anyway, an investigation is on. At the same time, the Italian government has decided to earmark a huge sum for the regional administration, which suffered the disaster.

Are you in Italy? Share with us what you know about the Emergency.


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Italy declares State of Emergency in Liguria