Published On: Mon, May 14th, 2018

Italy: Five Star Movement likely to join coalition with League


The anti-establishment Five Star Movement, which demonstrated a surprising performance in the Italian parliament election, has finally agreed to join a political coalition with the Northern League, another populist party which performed extremely well in the election.

In the parliament election, no party gained a clear majority to rule the country. For that reason, the president of the country was forced to compel the parties which secured the maximum number of seats to consider the formation of a coalition.

Initially, no party came forward with the willingness to form a coalition. The parties, which wristed the top two positions, were the supporters of re-election. They unanimously opined that the government should consider the possibilities of a re-election to remove the stalemate.

Actually, when the Five Star Movement has announced that they are willing to consider the possibilities of a collation, many have found it hard to digest as it has been one of the most unlikely moves.

As per a latest International media report, the two top populist political parties, which hold a significant number of seats in the Italian parliament, is at present in the political negotiation table. At this moment, it is not clear who will lead the coalition.


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Italy: Five Star Movement likely to join coalition with League