Published On: Wed, Mar 1st, 2017

Italy gives partial clemency to American spy










Sabrina de Sousa, the former CIA officer, has been given a partial clemency by the Italian government in an abduction case in which she was convicted in absentia. Even though the convicted officer has denied any involvement in the abduction of Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr who alleged that he had been kidnapped and taken from Milan to Egypt and languished in a jail without trial for four years, the judicial authorities has found that nearly twenty-three Americans and two Italians participated in the abduction crime in which Nasr was taken to a different country via US air bases in Germany and Italy. The victim further alleged that he had been brutally tortured while he was serving in the jail. Though the Italian court did not acknowledge all statement given by the Nasr, it convicted all the twenty-five culprits. Last year, the European court, ordering the Italian government to pay huge damage money to Nasr and his family members, condemned the country over the abduction issue. De Sousa, who also holds a Portuguese citizenship, has been arrested by the Portuguese police recently. As Italian supremo Sergio Mattarella has reduced the sentence from four years to three years, she can apply for alternative sanctions to prison. Unprecedentedly, the Italian court has allowed all Americans who are named in the crime to face the trial in absentia.


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Italy gives partial clemency to American spy