Published On: Mon, Mar 5th, 2018

Italy to get a hung parliament


As the populist parties have demonstrated a surprising performance in the Italian election, the European country is set to get a hung parliament, with the ‘Five Star Movement’ as the largest political party and ex-Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s central-right political alliance as the largest alliance.

As per the latest report, the populist ‘Five Star Movement’ has secured at least thirty-two per cent of the total votes casted in the election in which the total turnout has been estimated as over seventy-three per cent. Meanwhile, according to the report, the Northern League has wristed at least eighteen per cent of the total votes and Forza Italia grabbed nearly fourteen per cent.

When the north has supported the League eagerly in the election, the south has shown more interest in supporting the anti-establishment front, which tries to put forth a new alternative to the existing system.

An unofficial report reveals that the old voters are more interested to cast their vote in than the young voters. The report claims that the preponderance of the voters, who has abstained from casting their vote, is youngsters.

It seems that the populism has appealed well among the oldies than among the youngsters; this trend stands contrary to the experience experienced by other European countries as part of the rise in the trend of populism.

The triumph of populism in the Europe’s third largest economy is sending shivers to Brussels and to Germany and France, the two prime supporters of the Europe’s most powerful multilateral organisation.

How will the EU tackle the trend of raising populism in Europe?


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Italy to get a hung parliament