Published On: Wed, Dec 26th, 2018

Italy: Two-year-old killed by failed circumcision


A failed circumcision has taken the life of a two-year-old boy in Italy. The boy has died due to blood loss. The unfortunate incident has happened in Monterondo. The boy’s twin brother who has undergone the same operation along with the boy has also faced the same condition; fortunately, he is slowly recovering. Notably, the operation has been conducted at the request of the boys’ mother; interestingly, the lady is not a Muslim (if not for medical purposes, no one except Muslims normally undergo this procedure). Noteworthy, the person who has conducted the circumcision surgery has been booked by the Italian authorities. He is a 66-year-old man, who has conducted several similar operations before. He has been charged with murder.

Yearly, as many as five thousand circumcisions are performed across Italy. As per a NGO, at least a third of them are performed illegally. In Italy, the facility for this operation is available in every hospital. Though in private hospitals this surgery is a bit costly, this cost is minimal in government hospitals. Yet, people rush to illegal facilities for this surgery. The reason for that remains unclear.

The government has to find a solution immediately. The government must make sure that the facility for safe circumcision is not only available to all for low cost in the country, but also used by all.


Vignesh. S. G

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Italy: Two-year-old killed by failed circumcision