Published On: Fri, Dec 16th, 2016

Italy’s new government gets parliament’s assent

italy-parliamentEnding the political uncertainty in Italy, the new government headed by new Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni got the parliament’s assent.

As per the report, the new government won a vote of confidence held in the lower house.

It was learned that the new government will serve until the next general elections are conducted. The interesting fact was that the preponderance of the ministers selected in the new government was old ministers who held the same position in the old government. It indicated that the new government may not introduce any new policy.

Earlier, last week, former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi had resigned from the top post as his proposal seeking some constitutional amendments failed to get the parliament’s assent.

While presenting his proposal in the parliament, the former Prime Minister had reportedly asserted that he would resign from the post if he fails to pass the proposal.

Gentiloni was a former foreign minister. The sixty two year old member was one of the senior members of the ruling party.

After the resignation of the former PM, the President of Italy formally invited Gentiloni to make a new government.

As Gentiloni was one of the most respected members of the party, the majority of the party members and coalition parties welcomed the move.

Meanwhile, the opposition parties demanded a fresh election. However, the President denied the requests made by the opposition members.

It was told that many opposition members did not participate in the vote of confidence held at the parliament.

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Italy’s new government gets parliament’s assent