Published On: Sat, Mar 25th, 2017

It’s official: Russia openly supports French far-rightist leader Le Pen

Unlike the previous elections in which Russia took a pro-rightist stand secretly, this time, as France is going to see its crucial general elections in which a far-rightist leader is unprecedentedly dominating the election scenario, Moscow has taken an official stand by openly supporting Marine Le Pen, the member of the far-rightist France’s National Front party, which have an anti-immigrant, anti-Islamic, anti-EU, and pro-Nationalist views. The Russian Supremo, Vladimir Putin, has met Le Pen when she has reached the country to visit the Russian Parliament. On the allegation that Russian is trying to influence the French election, the Russian President asserts that his country has no such plans and have right to meet the foreign representatives like its European as well as US counterparts. Interestingly, Russian has rightly mentioned that his French friend represents a fast growing element in the European politics. The statement which is likely to give shivers to the pro-EU factions is an alarm of the upcoming ‘Frexit’. Le Pen, who had earlier clarified that once she comes to the power she would reduce the French’s relation with the European Union, has requested the Russian support in tackling the danger posed by the globalisation and Islamic fundamentalism. There is a clear message in the visit made by the far-rightist leader who supported the Russian annexation of Crimea that is this time it is not a hidden truth that Russian is fuelling a new political strategy which is making drastic changes in the political scenario of the world. That political tactic will neither help the globalisation nor the liberal-democracy of the west. In fact, Russia is an economically weak nation. In the present scenario, it doesn’t have anything to offer its potential allies. It is clear that those partnering with this nation only target mere political gains.


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It’s official: Russia openly supports French far-rightist leader Le Pen