Published On: Thu, Oct 26th, 2017

Kenyan elections highlights: president urges people to vote


Hours after the huge failure of the efforts aiming to postpone the Kenyan re-election, the controversial re-election has marked its beginning in the early morning today.

The country’s President, Uhuru Kenyatta, who won the previous election, which was cancelled citing malpractice, has urged his supporters and people to vote for the re-election.

Meanwhile, the opposition leader, Raila Odinga, who is not contesting in the controversial re-election, has directed his supporters to boycott the re-election.

The opposition party have asserted that those who are conducting the election are not credible personals.

Tens of thousands of security personals have been deployed in the country to conduct the re-election smoothly.

The opposition supporters have blocked the road in several places in order to disrupt the election.

In some places, some scuffles have occurred between the opposition party members and security personals.

Earlier, on August 8, the Kenyan president defeated his opponent in the election gaining a small lead over this rival. But, soon after the August election, the opposition leader alleged that the ruling party indulged in several malpractices.

Subsequently, the nation fell into the clutches of severe violence and turmoil in which nearly seventy people lost their life.

It is said that the International observers are closely watching the developments of the country.


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Kenyan elections highlights: president urges people to vote