Published On: Tue, Jul 11th, 2017

Kenyan lawmakers likely to lose some allowances

Kenya, one of the Africa’s growing economies, is one of the countries which pay a good salary to their lawmakers, despite the fact that this country does not earn as much as it spends. The country gives nearly $7,200 to each Member of Parliament monthly in the form of the salary and allowance. The disappointing fact is that the average income of a Kenyan citizen is $150 a month. It is evident that a huge difference exists between the Kenyan citizen’s monthly income and the MP’s salary and allowances. The country which is going to polls on upcoming 8th August has finally, it seems, identified this disparity. Fearing a potential retaliation from the citizens, who are facing the economic difficulty, through the ballot paper, the authorities have decided to reduce the allowance provided to the law makes by around 15%. Noteworthy, the new policy will only come into force after the election. So, it is clear that no lawmaker who is presently serving in the parliament will suffer the heat of the new policy. It is learned that the country is currently facing an economic crisis and it aims to overcome the crisis through austerity policies. The country is also planning to reduce the salary of the government staffs. Kenya is not the only country, which has considered the austerity policies, as the method to overcome the financial crisis. Several African countries, as well as some European countries such as Greece, have taken similar steps.


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Kenyan lawmakers likely to lose some allowances