Published On: Sat, Apr 29th, 2017

Korean peninsula issue is the US presidency’s biggest challenge, admits Trump

donald-trump-photo-distorted-chroniclescomIn an exclusive interview given to an International media house, US President Donald Trump has admitted that the biggest challenge of the US presidency is the Korean peninsula issue, without striking down the possibility of a major conflict over the issue.

It is said that the Chinese government is not in favour of any move which has potential to create a huge military conflict in the Korean peninsula, which is in fact located very close to China and Russia.

The Chinese government, on which ninety per cent of the North Korean trade is depended, has shown reluctance to impose any sanction, even while stating that the key to solve the issue does not reside with it. This effectively and clearly exposes the double standard the Chinese government has on the Korean peninsula issue.

In line with the US president’s statement that the military action is one of the plans they have in their table, the US Secretary of the State has urged the global institution to take an immediate action over the issue, warning that NK’s nuclear experiments might bring catastrophic disaster.

Meanwhile, unsurprisingly, Russian has also backed the Chinese view that it is not suitable to use military action to resolve the issue.

For last few years, North Korea has been conducting some nuclear and ballistic missile tests, despite the fact that the US, which is the strategic partner of South Korea, strongly opposed all kinds of nuclear and missile tests conducted by NK, which is supported by China.



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Korean peninsula issue is the US presidency’s biggest challenge, admits Trump