Published On: Mon, Jul 17th, 2017

Korean peninsula latest updates: South Korea set to speak to North

Showing a friendly gesture towards the North Korea, the South Korean government has declared its plan to engage in a high-level tax with its neighbour and long-term rival. The Korean peninsula is one of the most volatile regions in the Asian continent. North Korea, which is indirectly supported by China, is suffering the ire of the Western Powers such as the US and the European countries such as the UK in the form of sanctions due to its aggressive military policy and nuclear policy. At a particular juncture in the recent past, many have even feared that the United States might attack North Korea. Observers, then, has opined that such a war would be extremely disastrous. On the wake of these political developments related to the US and NK, the initiative taken by SK, one of the prime allies of the White House, has gained more prominence than expected. Some believe that there is a small change in the attitude of the South Korean government towards the North since the new leadership led by SK’s President Moon Jae-in took the helm of the South’s regime ousting a corrupted regime. The disturbing part is that the North Korea has not yet extended any friendly gesture or accepted the invitation for the high-level talk. In order to stabilise the Asian region, it is necessary that a good relationship between Pyongyang and Seoul is properly maintained and adequately nourished. The Asian leaders such as China, Russia and India should take proper initiatives to gain it, opines expert.


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Korean peninsula latest updates: South Korea set to speak to North